Skype the B.S.

On August 11, 2009, in Marketing, Popular, by Kenton Ross

… and Have Us Play by YOUR Rules

skype-logoIf you’re sick and tired of interruptions from sales people that destroy your productivity and profit, then its time to ‘Skype the B.S.’  (bulldog solicitors)

If there is anything more annoying than vendor cold calls, then you have some serious issues with work or your home life… but saying “I’m not interested” as your opening line or putting a caller on hold more than 30 seconds is just not proper manners.

So, if you want to take control of unwanted solicitations (either by phone or in person), then here’s a ‘quick fix’ that works like a charm… (its easy and its free):  just Skype ‘em.

I ”cold call” independent auto repair shop owners every day, so I’m pretty familiar with the mind games and ’screening tactics’: “Bob is on a test drive”, “Mary is in a meeting”, or my personal favorite: “Certainly, please hold” – then intentionally transferring the caller to a black-hole extension. I can understand your frustration with the interruptions, but that’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence (even mine). Remember that everyone you interact with in and out of the shop is a potential customer or source of referrals (even me).

The downside of these and other ‘blind screening’ tactics is that a vendor (you never know who it might be) just might have something of value for your consideration. That ’salesperson’ may have the ‘watershed idea’ or ‘mind around’ that shifts your business strategy and accelerates you on the road to a peaceful and prosperous retirement – with your Grandkids sitting around for ’story time’ about your wonderful life.

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Customers and employees come and go. They can all be replaced. As a shop owner, some of the most important relationships you will have are with your vendors. They’re in business to serve you and care enough to make a phone call or visit personally.

So… your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: Set up a Skype account for your shop, then train anyone answering your phones or working the front to deliver this invitation:

“Thank you, (vendor’s first name) for contacting us. We sincerely value your time and our own. Please send us an invitation to connect with us on Skype at and introduce yourself and your services. Our Skypename is: (ABCAuto). We look forward to knowing more about you and will reply to your invitation promptly. Thanks again for contacting us and have a great day.”

P.S.  Skype is rich with time-saving features and will soon have its own video tutorial here. If you would like me to cover its features in depth and specifically how they can be implemented in your shop, please connect with me personally on Skype.

By the way, my SkypeName is:    kcowdry

Thanks, and I wish you a prosperous (and more productive) day!

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