archerWhen I started writing this newsletter, I wasn’t even sure what a ‘marketing  strategy’ was. I did know some cool zero-cost marketing tactics, but a simple shift in perception made all the tumblers click into place and the door just swung open.

Under this marketing model, defining your market strategy is simple: decide who your ideal customer is. The Latin roots of the word ‘de-cide’ mean to ‘cut away’… choosing who you want as customers and trimming away the rest. What niche market would you enjoy doing business with? Dentists? Nurses? Dog trainers? Politicians?

What kind of customers would you enjoy working with and talking to day in and day out? Who don’t you want for customers? This concept was explored in a previous article “Teaching Pigs to Sing”.

In the analogy of the bow hunter, your marketing strategy is to figure out what ‘game’ you want to hunt. Anything that moves? Great! Offer free oil changes. Professional women? Team up with a local salon owner and offer “Manicure Mondays”. Gen X or Y? Spend a few minutes each day Twittering from your I-phone – (that’s their research tool when they’re looking for a repair shop). Once you know the ‘game’ plan (pun intended), you can choose what tactics (arrows) you want to use.

Next, consider moving a step beyond “hunter” and learn how to farm. Plant seeds for the future. Invest your time and energy engaging and attracting your customers. Start blogging about something you are passionate about (please, not coolant flushes). Express yourself and connect with like-minded people in your community… hint: almost all of them drive cars!

Get a professional human-touch website. Find out what your ideal customers enjoy – what they’re looking for that nobody else is giving them – then come up with amazing ways to provide it better than anyone else. Provide unique free content to download from your website (if you have one). Interact with other owners to see what’s working (and what is not) for them. Collect your customers’ favorite recipies (and testimonials) and publish them in a cookbook you give to new customers. Invest your time in a monthly newsletter that makes them feel good about being your customer. Work on your shop – not in it.

Do these things and your marketing strategy will continually attract the perfect customers to you – so you won’t have to hunt each one down one-by-one.

“Teach a man to hunt… you feed him for a day. Teach a man to be a smart hunter and he’ll take up farming”.
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