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On February 23, 2010, in Helpful, Marketing, by Kenton Ross

Buckle Up and Hold on Tight !

SpeedometerBy the time we saw it, it was almost too late…

That’s how fast we’re moving…

First it was the shift from analog to digital… remember rotary dial phones and clocks that ticked? Next it showed up in a lava flow from off-line to on-line connection (from interruption to attraction marketing). But there’s another shift coming that will blow right by you if you’re not ready. It’s the shift from static to mobile communications.

The medium is text message marketing. It can provide a perfect bridge between traditional print or media ads and opt-in convenience from mobile devices.

Take a look at the projections:
Test messaging projection

  • Well over one billion dollars was spent on mobile advertising globally in 2007
  • Global penetration of mobile phones on track to surpass three billion in the next few years
  • SMS, also known as text messaging, is built into over 95 percent of all mobile phones in the market place today
  • Text messages have over a 90% read rate compared to an 8% read rate of email and 2% of print
  • Today, more than 92.5 million consumers actively text message in United States
  • Worldwide over 350 Billion text messages are exchanged monthly, of those 15% are commercial and marketing
  • A recent Jupiter Research reported 30% of consumers want to have coupons sent to their cell phones

As an example, this platform could be used to provide an emergency rescue service by letting people in your market area text “CARHELP” to a shortcode for an instant response to their cell phone.

Visit one of the leading text message marketing providers to download a free report on the ROI of text message marketing and try it out for yourself with their free 15 day test drive (no credit card required).

To see how it works and claim a special subscriber bonus, using your cell phone, text SHOPTIPS to 411247

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