Is this Real Life?

On August 18, 2009, in Humor, by Kenton Ross


I’ve shared lots of good humor with many of you. Thanks for keeping my spirits up. It is appreciated more than you know. Here’s a piece of raw ‘blog fodder’ that is my final answer to how to keep your chin up:

(Over 33 52 million views on You Tube isn’t bad for a ‘home movie’ and you can get one of their “Is this REAL life?” t-shirts for $20 that supports a charity providing dental care for the less fortunate.)


2 Responses to Is this Real Life?

  1. Nice discussion and I appreciate your input. Fast question. We are preparing to build a site using WordPress ourselves. Will you share a good resource for templates and the best plug-ins to make it easy for staff to update content in a nice user friendly way? Thanks in advance.

  2. Kenton Ross says:

    Hi San Diego Dental,

    Thanks for visiting Shop Marketing Tips and your the comment on “David After the Dentist”.

    I create custom themes for my sites to get everything just the way I want it. (I’m a little ‘picky’. Most themes I’ve seen are not easily legible to my target audience – who are primarily over 50, so I like to tailor the theme to eyesight like mine. :-)

    I have several suggestions for plug-ins and widgets. I’m working on my own “Top 10 List”. A lot depends on how much time you have for the project and on your involvement with other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. It also depends very much on the question: “Who do you want to attract? See the posts “Do You Have a Killer Marketing Strategy?” and “Teaching Pigs to Sing” on this site:

    WordPress is a powerful platform and Google loves good content – which WordPress excels at creating and distributing. There is so much potential for the dental profession and you are in a great market. (I used to live in North County).

    Feel free to call me directly this week. I can send some resources your way to get you started in the right direction. (And save you lots of time)

    Best Regards,


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