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cuban-car-repair-shopThe photograph that appears on the header of both this and the Shop Marketing Tools website is used by permission. This is an HDR process photograph of a car repair shop in Cuba taken by Kaj Bjurman – a photographer from Stockholm Sweden.

In the full-size original, one can clearly see the roof of the shop (center structure) is reconstructed from yellow school bus tops after being torn off by a hurricane. It is a beautiful reminder of how many blessings we take for granted that the vast majority of this world’s citizens don’t enjoy.

Shop Marketing Tips is dedicated to the independent small business owner.  What started with a site to help auto repair shop owners was soon getting comments from owners in other businesses. The marketing principles are the same. It will help you identify, contact and engage with a better customer and grow your business to the next level through common sense, low risk strategies.

Just within the past few years, a major shift has Kenton Ross photooccurred in the way customers shop for all goods and services. The days of Yellow Page ads,  coupons, telemarketing and fliers are gone – replaced by search engine analytic software and marketing automation strategies. Nevertheless, one rule holds true today more than ever:  People do business with people they know, like and trust.

Many posts will focus on the key area that  owners must pay attention to in order to not only survive a tough economy but thrive in it… marketing. My marketing philosophy can be summed up in one sentence:  The one and only purpose of marketing is to build trust.

Others posts will introduce you to new ideas and technology that can help you enjoy doing business again. This is a place to jump in and share your thoughts, ask questions, teach, learn and have fun.

I hope you enjoy it.

Kenton Sig

Check my Shop Marketing Tools website for more ideas.

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